Student Internships with SHARE


The SHARE Institute fosters the cross-cultural sharing of ideas and technical know-how by making a difference in the local community and globally. This program is specifically designed to mentor young women and men by introducing them to international development issues. The program provides global leadership skills, domestically and internationally. Participants may also be drawn from the general public based on an expressed interest in global issues.  This internship program is particularly focused on projects that promote health, education, and economic well-being. There are no fees for internships conducted at the SHARE Institute's office; however, interns pay for their trips abroad if they wish to take advantage of our International Internship Program. For those interested in participating in a community service trip without leaving the country, the New Orleans Internship Program is also available.

Six Great Reasons to Become a SHARE Intern:

  1. Be a part of making the world a better place!
  2. Address issues such as poverty and lack of educational opportunities for women
  3. Network with people with similar interests locally and globally
  4. Learn about the inner-workings of non-profit organizations
  5. Develop skills in fundraising and community development
  6. Upon successful completion of the internship program, SHARE will be happy to provide you with letters of recommendation

To be a SHARE Leadership Intern You Must:

  • Be able to meet at the SHARE Institute office on Wednesday from 2PM to 4PM
  • Be able to volunteer during some evenings or afternoons at SHARE events
  • Be dedicated, responsible, and reliable
  • Be willing to truly commit to doing what you can to make the world a better place

To become an intern, enrollment in SHARE's Leadership Program, is a requirement. This program is a fundamental part of SHARE's local, domestic, and international work. After you enroll and attend the orientation meeting, you can discuss which activities you wish to participate in with the president of the SHARE Institute. Most SHARE Interns prefer to work locally, within their own community, and contribute to endeavors such as our Cultural Awareness Program. Some interns also choose to travel internationally and participate in our International Internship Program, which is based in places such as India and Nicaragua. SHARE's Internships are flexible, fun, and a good way to spend your time making a difference in your community and around the world while building your resume.

For more information on SHARE's internship program, please call (916)-966-7482 or send us an email at:



 Online Application for Domestic Internship

Use the link above if you would like to become a SHARE intern!